Daily Topic for May 18, 2010

Romans 1:14, 15
I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish…to preach the gospel.

Paul’s obligation was not a promise or a formal contract, but a demand deep within his conscience. Rather than leisurely carrying out some religious responsibility, Paul eagerly fulfilled his debt of gratitude to the One who had paid a great price for his salvation. We, too, are under such an obligation to reach the unreached people groups like the Akurio. You may or may not be called to go to them, but today you can pray that someone will go and tell them about our wonderful Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pray also that the Akurio people will be receptive to the Savior when workers come to their villages.

Akurio People of Suriname

by PE

Sisi scrambled from the treetops to the rainforest floor, his bare feet padding softly but swiftly over vines and around fallen logs. “People come by the river,” he warned his father.  His father answered, “They will pass by. We are invisible in our jungle home.”

Later in the day Sisi plopped down on some soft moss beside the warm campfire to chat with his mother who had just prepared the late-day meal. This family is one of the less than a dozen speakers of the Akurio language. Most members of their tribe have joined with the local Trio Indians, and now speak only Trio. They were literally taken to the Trios by missionaries around 1970 when outsiders discovered them. Akurio knowledge of the forest is greatly respected by the people of southeastern Suriname where they live. But this one handful of Akurio people continue to live as they have lived for millennia in the heart of the forest garden, silent shadows in a dappled world.

These unique aboriginal people are living in total spiritual obscurity. They have never heard the gospel and are completely without someone to tell them the true story of the Creator who brought their beloved rainforest into existence.

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Pray for someone to take them the message of Jesus. Pray that the person God calls will be sensitive to the loveliness of their culture and will simply introduce Jesus and His ways to this unreached tribe.

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