Daily Topic for January 05, 2012

Psalm 119:18
Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

The Ajuran Somalis have God’s Word in their language, but there are obstacles that they will need to overcome before they can see the wonderful things in this precious book. One hurdle is literacy. This people group lives in a part of the world where few can read, and even those that can prefer to hear stories instead. Then, there is the obstacle of centuries of looking to spiritual counterfeits. But God is bigger than any obstacle!

Pray that the Ajuran Somalis will find wonderful things in God’s Word this very year and put their trust in Him alone.

Ajuran Somalis

by JS

It’s a bustling city of over two million people, and home to many mission agencies. Nairobi, Kenya could pass for many modern well-developed cities, but not too far away, the landscape and the culture differ radically. Traveling from the fertile plateaus of the south to the northeast, the land becomes desert with only 9.5 percent of it cultivated. This is home to the Ajuran Somalis.
The Ajuran Somalis are herders, and as such, the mainstay of their diet is milk and dairy products. Children often miss out on an education because they are needed to fulfill their family duty as herdsmen. Perhaps, it is their harsh environment that has made them so fiercely proud and independent, rejecting outsiders who might threaten their culture and way of life.
The Ajurans are loyal Muslims. There is a translation of the Bible in the Ajuran Somali language for those who are literate, and there are gospel recordings and videos for the illiterate. But the Ajurans usually reject them. To reach these people for Christ, someone must be willing to live with them, respect their culture, and demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways. Kenya is predominantly a Christian country, and they have religious freedom, but most believers live in the southern part of Kenya.

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Pray for followers of Christ from Kenya to accept the call to live among the Ajurans, befriend them, and share Christ with them.

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