Daily Topic for February 21, 2011

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Freedom is something that many peoples want, but many do not believe it is possible. The slave trade has been a reality in Africa for hundreds of years, and it still exists in some parts of the continent. Ironically, even those who have the brute power to enslave others often don’t realize that they themselves are slaves to greed and sin.

Pray that these former slave traders will seek to be freed from the sin that keeps them away from their freedom-loving Savior.

Adamawa Fulbe People

by CL

Slavery played a major role in the history of the Adamawa Fulbe. Rather than being captured and sold as slaves by Europeans, however, the Adamawa Fulbe were often on the other end of the exchange. In the 18th century, they joined in a jihad that served to enslave non-Fulbe living in what is now Cameroon. Some Fulbe in this region had slaves as recently as 1970.

Given their past hostility and mistreatment of other people groups, it comes as no surprise that they have resisted evangelism efforts by outsiders. Even attempts by the few believers among the Hausas, a powerful neighboring group, have been refused. The Fulbe, who are nomadic herdsman, consider the Hausas to be inferior because they are settled farmers.

There are a few believers among the Adamawas (0.40 percent); the long-awaited awakening has yet to take place. Perhaps this is because the Fulbe are proud peoples who instill in their children a deep sense of ethnic dignity. While self-confidence can be a good thing, it can also be a barrier to the gospel. Proud people see no need to depend on others, even Christ.

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Pray for the Lord to rescue the Adamawa Fulbe from enslavement to pride that keeps them from acknowledging their need for a savior. Ask the Lord to bring the harvest for which many have been praying. Invite Him to reveal new strategies for overcoming the barriers that have kept the Adamawa Fulbe from knowing true freedom in Christ.

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