Daily Topic for June 17, 2010

Colossians 4:3
And pray for us, too, that God might open a door for our message.

We are often tempted to bemoan closed doors—areas where the clear proclamation of the gospel is prohibited or otherwise greatly hindered. In a certain sense, closed doors are God’s responsibility. We must remember that we face doors, not walls, and that they are only closed—not bolted, locked or jammed. Right now, the door for the Abung people is not wide enough. The few Christians they know of are from the dominant Javanese people, whom many Abungs consider enemies. But the door may be flung wide open by the faithful, believing prayer of God’s people.

Pray that the Lord will open doors for the clear proclamation of His truth among the Abung people of Sumatra.

Abung People

by T.P.

According to the Joshua Project, the Lampung Abung are a coastal people in southern Sumatra on the Java Sea. They used to live in the mountains. Then in the 15th century, they moved to the low lands where they now farm rice and pepper as cash crops, or fish for a living. They need improved farm management, more export-quality peppers, and investors in industry for a balanced economy. Their society is clan-based, and clan leadership is passed down father to son.

In the 1200s, Muslim settlers and merchants introduced Islam. The result is that Abung religion is now a mixture of Sunni Islam and animism.

Out of some 71,000 Abungs, fewer than 100 are followers of Christ. Most believers they meet are from the dominant Javanese people. Unfortunately, the Indonesian relocation of 3,000,000 Javanese into southern Sumatra has produced tensions and resentment between the Abungs and the Javanese. They would probably not accept the testimony of Javanese believers. Witness is further limited by a lack of any Christian radio or television in their language. They only have portions of the Bible in their language.

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Pray that soon these resources will be available to them. Pray that God will make the Abungs yearn for Him. Pray for clan leaders to become open to the gospel. Ask God to call loving Javanese believers to evangelize their Abung neighbors and encourage Abung believers. Pray that God will strengthen, encourage and protect the small Abung Church.

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