Daily Topic for November 05, 2017

Nehemiah 9:20, NIV
You gave your good Spirit to instruct them. You did not withhold your manna from their mouths, and you gave them water for their thirst.

Pray for the Karakalpak people to inherit an abundance of both physical and spiritual water that will bless them for eternity.

Karakalpak People

by WK

The Karakalpak farmer gazed at his bone-dry field with the thin layer of white over the top of the soil. Even if he had water, there still might not be a crop because the soil was contaminated with salt. He gazed into the distance and saw the shores of the Aral Sea. That lake had been much bigger when he was a boy. Most of the excess salt had come from the lake, blown on to his land by desert winds. He would once again pray to Allah, his only hope for a good crop.
The Karakalpak are a minority people group living in Uzbekistan. They are a poor people, and their situation has been made worse by the gradual drying of the Aral Sea. Since 1960 the Aral Sea has been shrinking, thanks to Soviet era irrigation projects that have diverted much needed water for growing cotton. Today the Aral Sea is less than half of its former size. Increasing salinity has destroyed not only farming, but the once thriving fishing industry, depriving many Karakalpaks of jobs. Economic desperation has caused some members of this people group to become followers of Jesus Christ.

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Pray for the Lord to raise up believers who will help the Karakalpaks with their economic needs. Pray for someone to help them grow crops that thrive in salty soil. Pray that many will be discipled in the ways of Jesus.

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