Daily Topic for August 19, 2017

Jer 33:6, NET
But I will most surely heal the wounds of this city and restore it and its people to health. I will show them abundant peace and security.

Pray that the Rajput peoples, who have made their name through war, will find peace and security with the Lord of the universe.

Awan Rajputs

by JS

They fought with great distinction in World Wars I and II, and were considered a warrior class by the British during their reign in India and Pakistan. The Awan Rajputs are descendants of Arabs who invaded the area hundreds of years ago. In fact, most Awan Rajputs claim direct descent from Muhammad Khaifa, one they believe was the Prophet Mohammed’s son. They are found in both Pakistan and India, but mainly in the Punjabi and Kashmiri speaking areas. There are both Hindu and Muslim Rajputs, but despite their difference in faith, when Rajput honor is at stake, both Hindu and Muslim Rajputs have united together against threats from external ethnic groups. Their ethnic identity and pride in their history and culture bind them together – Hindu or Muslim.
In colonial times the British considered the Awan Rajputs as highly desirable military recruits. With their strong martial tradition, they have a powerful presence in today’s Pakistani army. The Awan Rajputs obviously have a strong tradition of fighting for and defending causes they deem worthy. We need to engage them in another “army,” as “soldiers” who wage war against Satan and his cohorts in the advancement of the Kingdom of heaven coming to earth.

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Pray that Awan Rajputs will see Christ and his kingdom coming to earth as the most worthy battle of all. May they embrace the savior as not only their Lord and king, but also as their spiritual commander in chief.

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