Daily Topic for June 10, 2016

Isaiah 6:5, NET
I said, “Too bad for me! I am destroyed, for my lips are contaminated by sin, and I live among people whose lips are contaminated by sin. My eyes have seen the King, the Lord who commands armies.”

Jama Mapun (AKA, Bajao Kagayan) People

by EJD

(This is a fictional account that reflects reality)
The heavy raindrops created circular patterns on the water on which her house stood. She sat on the wooden platform that circled their single room home. Shading her eyes, she looked up at the sky to see if the rains would be torrential or if it was just another quick passing shower. Dark clouds hung low and ominous. A worried frown began to take shape on her forehead. Her husband was at sea, fishing with her brothers. They had left late in the evening the previous day when the sky was blue and there was not even the faintest indication of rainfall. She told herself she was not going to worry. They have faced this situation before and have returned safely. If Allah wills, they will be safe, she thought as a chill ran down her spine.
The Kagayan Bajao inhabit the Cagayan de Sulu and Turtle (Taganak) Islands. They live in houses that are built on stilts. Their main source of livelihood is fishing. They fish often at night, mostly in all male crews, returning home in the morning. They are Sunni Muslims. According to the Joshua Project, there are few resources and believers to tell them about the loving Savior.

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Pray that God would raise from among His children laborers to work among the Kagayan Bajao. Pray also that the Lord would speak to them in His still clear voice, and they would listen.

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