Daily Topic for February 06, 2016

Psalm 73:16-25, NASB
When I pondered to understand this, it was troublesome in my sight until I came into the sanctuary of God; then I perceived their end. Surely you set them in slippery places; you cast them down to destruction. How they are destroyed in a moment! They are utterly swept away by sudden terrors. Like a dream when one awakes, O Lord, when aroused, you will despise their form. When my heart was embittered, and I was pierced within, then I was senseless and ignorant; I was like a beast before you. Nevertheless I am continually with you; you have taken hold of my right hand. With your counsel you will guide me, and afterward receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides you, I desire nothing on earth.

Nigerian Fulani People

by WK

(This story illustrates the situation in Nigeria.)
Out of breath, a young man in Nigeria ran into a hut that served as a church. “The Fulani are coming!” he shouted. Everyone stopped singing. “God help us!” said the pastor. Everyone ran out of the hut and out of the village, leaving behind their cattle and their crops to Boko Haram members who were coming to kill, steal, and destroy.
The Fulani is a cluster of people groups that speak the Fulfulde language. Most of them are nomadic cattle herders who reject education and permanent homes. The Fulani are over 99 percent Muslim, but a few members of that people group have come to see Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. In March of 2015, a group of Fulani, who had joined Boko Haram, killed 82 Christians in the village of Agatu in Nigeria.

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Pray for peace in Nigeria. May the persecution of Christians end. Ask God to open the hearts of the Fulani to the true message of salvation. May this people group come to see Jesus Christ as the true Lord and Savior. Pray that the few Fulani followers of Jesus Christ will be protected from harm. May they grow in faith, hope, and love so they can take the message of salvation to their own people group.

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