Daily Topic for December 05, 2015

Jeremiah 29:11, NET
For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.

God has a plan for every life, and members of ISIS are definitely not finding it! They need new hearts and new ears to hear His true revelation.

Pray that God would bring ISIS members into the calling that He has for their lives. Pray that God would reveal His good plans for them, and for that revelation to cause them to seek Him with all their hearts.—WIN

Alawites in Syria

by LR

Another explosion, and smoke began to hide the night’s starry sky. From their mountaintop perch, two Alawite friends comforted each other with grim humor. “Maybe we are in our last reincarnation, and when we are killed we will join Prince Ali in the stars.” The other chuckled teasingly, “No, you are sinful, like President Assad. You will be reborn as a Christian!”
Syrian Alawites refer to themselves as Shi’ite Muslims in their Sunni majority country. However, their true beliefs are based on secretive books that claim that the Alawites are God’s chosen people. Syncretistic combinations of Islamic, Christian and their own unusual beliefs flag them as infidels to other religious communities. The majority lives in a mountainous northwestern province of Syria.
Syria’s embattled president Bashar Assad belongs to the Alawite community. With only 10 percent of Syria’s population, they disproportionally occupy positions of power in government and business. The country’s other communities wish to destroy the Alawites for the favor they enjoy and the syncretistic beliefs they hold. Most Alawites, however, are a poor, disenfranchised minority that does not favor the Assad regime, yet they constitute the core of his support. Caught in the middle, the Alawites stand a better chance of survival defending the regime than joining the opposition.

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Pray that the Syrian Alawites will truly be “reborn” as followers of Christ.

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