Daily Topic for May 04, 2015

Luke 20:17b, ESV

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

Mixtec comes from the Nahuatl word mixtecah, meaning, “cloud people” or “people of the rain.” The Mixtec peoples, whom we will focus on much of this month, are renowned for their art, manuscripts, jewelry, and metal work. Contemporary Mixtecs have adopted a cosmology of various earth and sky gods and believe that renewal and fertility of the earth will be achieved via good works, acts of self-sacrifice, and a modeling of the ancient relationships between man and the gods. During the Mexican colonial period aspects of Catholicism were mixed with their beliefs.

Pray that the Mixtec peoples would come to a deeper understanding of the Creator of the earth and sky and that the “people of the rain” would be drenched by the living waters of the gospel.—VA

A True Missionary Story About Yosonotu Mixtec People

by VA

Santa Catarina is a community where each year the Yosonotu Mixtecs worship the “Lord of the Column” two weeks before Easter. At midnight, they begin a procession which features a figure of the beaten and bloody Christ bent over a column that is carried on people’s shoulders as they proceed to the Catholic Church. During the procession women drape the image with purple scarves, which they later retrieve to use in funerals. The Yosonotu Mixtecs hold a great feast at the celebration that is attended by more than 50,000 people around the country. Unfortunately all the rituals they perform during this celebration are full of animism. The Yosonotu Mixtec people have a deep fear of the spirit world.
For years believers have tried to evangelize the Yosonotu Mixtecs; however, for various reasons they have not succeeded. At present there are still two brave workers among the Yosonotu who are providing a service to the community; this has given them an opportunity to stay and minister to the tribe. It is urgent for many believers to intercede for the Yosonotu Mixtec community right now because we know there will be big challenges once the first fruits of the work come in.

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Pray for a large harvest among the Yosonotu Mixtec people. Pray that when the harvest comes, the new believers will live victorious lives in Christ, free of fear. Pray that the few workers among them will be protected from the enemy, and given authority to trample on the spiritual serpents and snakes that keep the Yosonotu people away from their loving Savior, Jesus Christ.—Alex Rodriguez, Mexican worker

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