Daily Topic for March 14, 2015

Malachi 3:16a, NIV
Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard.

I remember 60 or 70 years ago when a man was spoken of as “God-fearing,” that’s all you had to say about him. Everybody knew that this meant he was also honest and had integrity, because he knew that everything he did was known by God, and he would have to give an account to Him. When such men talk with God, He listens and remembers.

Pray for God-fearers to crop up throughout every community of Kumyk people, be they in Ukraine or Russia. Pray that God will send such men to the people to raise up more such men multiplying into the people groups around them.-RR

Kumyk in Ukraine


Picture a town in the southeast corner of Ukraine near the border with Russia. Various ethnic people groups live there. Among these groups we find the Kumyk. There are 660 Kumyk people living in Ukraine, and they follow Islam mixed with traditional beliefs. While the New Testament is available in their language, very few Kumyks have put their faith in Christ.

The Kumyk people take pride in their creative achievements: writing, art, and music. Neighboring groups respect them. They decorate their homes with clay and wood carvings and inscriptions. Their songs and dances are accompanied by stringed instruments called kumuzes, wind instruments, and accordions. A favorite Kumyk national dish is khinkal, dumplings boiled in meat bouillon, served with sour cream gravy and garlic. The Kumyk also eat grape or cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and sausage, rice porridge, soups, pies, breads, and pastries.

Recently they have been agonizing over Russia’s latest invasion of the region.

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Pray that followers of Christ who love the Kumyk and their artistic abilities will go as His ambassadors to this people group. Pray that believers will intercede for the Kumyk until they have fellowships of believers in Ukraine and Russia. Ask the Lord of the harvest to call believers from Ukraine to cross the cultural bridge to the Kumyk. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give boldness and love to the few Kumyk believers.

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