Daily Topic for February 14, 2015

Joshua 1:7, NIV
Be careful to obey all the law…that you may be successful wherever you go.

The Lord’s instructions to Joshua were very clear: do it My way, just like I told Moses. God’s ways bring order and good fruit. Our ways might not. Not only are God’s presence and power essential for success in His work, but we must also act according to God’s revealed will. It is easy to fall into the trap of substituting human wisdom and understanding for obedience to God’s Word.

Pray that the Lord will protect the Jola-Fonyi people from trying to work problems out in their own way and depending on their own wisdom and experience. Pray for His ways to be made clear to them.

Jola-Fonyi People of Guinea-Bissau and Senegal

(This story is intended to illustrate how this people group thinks and lives.)
“Now you are Jola?” The crowd laughed, and gave their Chinese visitor a valuable lion-skin coat to go along with the square Muslim hat they had already put on his head. He gave them an awkward smile, and bowed slightly to show his gratitude. Soon they all sat down to a huge meal of squash, greens, rice, manioc, and goat stew. During the meal the Chinese visitor asked, “Why are you treating me so well?” His host quipped, “Don’t take it personally. We like to treat our guests like they are kings. When you return to China, be sure to send some of your friends to come to our village. We will do the same for them.”
The Jola-Fonyi people are noted for being relaxed, charming, and friendly with strangers. But life is not easy for these people, especially those that live in the Senegal’s Casamance Region where guerilla warfare exists. The inhabitants fear violent men, and according to their religion, they also must appease spirit beings. While fetishism dominates their spiritual lives, they still try to appease Allah by claiming to be Muslims. What confusion! With such chaos and false doctrine in their lives, these people desperately need to hear the gospel.

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Pray that God will also send believers with medical skills to go to the Jola-Fonyi people as they have no readily accessible medical care.

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