Daily Topic for December 29, 2014

Ephesians 6:14, ESV

The belt of truth protects us much like it protected the vital organs of the soldiers that Paul was describing in this passage. Knowing truth and acting on truth keeps us from wandering into situations that would harm us physically and spiritually.

Pray for the Moroccan Arabs to seek truth so that they can be set free from the ways of the Evil One who came to kill, steal, and destroy.

Moroccan Arabs

by JS

Borders can be either natural ones, such as rivers or mountain ranges, or political ones, decided arbitrarily by men and governments. The border between Morocco and Algeria has remained closed for some time due to various reasons, but God does not recognize man’s borders. His Spirit moves freely across the lands to accomplish His purposes. The same move of the Spirit that is affecting Algeria is also affecting Morocco!

There are two cities in Morocco that have become a breeding ground for developing Christian disciple-making movements. In the past five years, approximately 28 groups of people have emerged country-wide, fellowshipping and studying the Word with the purpose of discovering what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. These groups are developing through the media, which enable people to find others who are spiritually hungry. The media can break down barriers of mistrust and deception that have been built into this society over many years. Missionaries report that these small groups are in the infancy stages now. But they are growing and developing into a true church planting movement. They are currently growing from 1st generation to 4th generation groups to be sustainable (generations are equivalent to one group starting another, etc.).

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Pray for these groups to develop into strong discipleship making movements that will change the spiritual climate throughout North Africa.

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