Daily Topic for July 24, 2014

Acts 17:22
Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: "Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious."

Throughout the world there are missionaries who encounter people like the Southern Dong who are very religious just like the people of Athens. Is being religious a step in the right direction? In this case it didn’t seem to be since only a few Athenians became followers of Christ as a result of Paul’s preaching. He didn’t spend much time with them, but instead went on to Corinth where he hoped to find spiritually hungry hearts. Yet there are people out there who have spiritual questions and have no answers except those given by religion. How will our missionaries find them?

Pray that the Lord will lead today’s believers to the religious people who are sincerely looking for truth and righteousness.

Southern Dong People of China

by EJD

Sunlight through the lone window illuminated the cool, damp, humid room. A petite figure occupied a stool in the brightest quarter. She hummed a melancholic tune as she worked on a piece of cloth. Her deft fingers worked a needle with silk thread. A beautiful pattern began to emerge. When every Dong girl turns 12, she begins working on her wedding dress. But in her heart, there is unrest, not eager anticipation or joy.

Why is this? As a member of one of the Dong people groups, this girl believes that many things can go wrong if she offends the spirits. And she will not know that she has offended the spirits until things go wrong. The fear of these spirits plagues her mind. She knows that she must make numerous offerings to the spirits of the village if everything is to proceed without any problems. But there is no guarantee that even these offerings will ensure that her big day will go well.

There are 2,500,000 Southern Dong people. Most of them live in China, though a few live in Vietnam. About 1,000 of them profess Christ.

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Pray that the JESUS Film and gospel recordings will be distributed into every Southern Dong village. Pray that gospel radio broadcasts will be beamed to them in their language. Pray that the Dong people will hear of Jesus Christ and accept Him into their hearts, so that all satanic bonds will be broken and oppression will be removed.

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