Daily Topic for June 14, 2014

Matthew 3:9
And do not think you can say to yourselves, "We have Abraham as our father.' I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.

John the Baptist harshly scolded people for thinking that their Jewish heritage was the source of their relationship with God. Somehow they had been lulled into the belief that their ethnicity and their traditions were all it took to live a righteous life. John the Baptist pointed the way to Jesus, the One who broke man-made traditions and provided the only way to God the Father.

Pray that the Lao peoples will understand that their traditions will fail them on the Day of Judgment. Pray that they will seek and find Jesus!

Lowland Lao People of Laos

by Saeng Fisher, guest writer

Mr. Nitt sighed as he told his son, “I am already deeply in debt. You’ll have to borrow from your uncles to finance your wedding.”

Although borrowing and debt are a normal feature of Lowland Lao culture, spending beyond one’s means has risen sharply in the last decade. After the communist revolution of 1975, money was scarce and religious fervor was officially discouraged. However, when Laos reopened her doors to the world in the late 1990s, economic growth loosed greed and a desire for prestige that was accompanied by a rise in expensive weddings and funerals. At the same time the Lao government promoted Buddhism as “the good cultural tradition of Lowland Lao people.” Mr. Nitt and his countrymen have since poured much money into temple refurbishments to make merit with the gods.

In this tiny country of seven million inhabitants, thousands have come to Christ in the past decade, mostly people from tribal animist backgrounds. But few Lowland Lao Buddhists have turned to Christ from the idols found in their temples or on their spirit shelves. The race to gain wealth and follow the traditions of Buddhism continues to hold Mr. Nitt, his son, and their entire people group tightly captive.

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Pray that Lowland Lao Buddhists will reject the deceit of riches and false hopes in temples and seek true riches in Christ. Pray for a turning to Jesus that would include many heads of households, as well as village, district, and provincial leaders.- Saeng Fisher, guest writer

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