Daily Topic for June 05, 2014

John 7:37-39

Intercessor, as you are in Jesus, so His Spirit in you is springing up rivers of love, life, light, joy, peace, healing, blessing, wisdom, and knowledge of Him.

Pray that as His Spirit intercedes through you, those rivers of God flowing through you will accomplish everything He has purposed for the Bamar and all the other unreached peoples.

Bamar People of Myanmar

caption: Wet Bamar people!

Credit: Create International


“Who put the water in the river for you to use?” The villagers out washing clothes in the river had never thought about this. Mr. Soe continued, “Who put the fish in the river for you to eat?” They admitted they did not know, and Mr. Soe proclaimed, “It is the creator God. He put water in the river for you to use and fish in the river for you to eat because He loves you!” He went on to announce the glorious truth of Christ to these Bamar villagers.

Mr. Soe is one of 33 million Bamar people in Myanmar. Upon receiving salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, Mr. Soe has been unstoppable in his mission to proclaim the truth to the other Bamar. The greatest joy in Mr. Soe’s heart is to follow up and disciple new believers.

A few months later, Mr. Soe went back to see the clothes-washers. They invited him to their village. They wanted to hear more about this creator God, and they wanted other villagers to hear as well. Mr. Soe began to share. Passersby stopped to listen. Mr. Soe’s voice grew stronger and louder while the crowd grew larger. Before long, Mr. Soe was sharing the gospel with nearly 40 villagers!

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Pray that the Bamar people will hear, understand, and embrace the gospel. Pray that your Bamar brothers and sisters like Mr. Soe will press on, operating in the power and fruit of the Holy Spirit.-GB, guest writer

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