Daily Topic for April 23, 2014

Revelation 3:7, RSV
The words of the holy, the true One, who has the key of David, who opens the door and no one can shut it; Who shuts the door and no one can open it.

Yesterday, we saw that Jesus now holds the keys of death and hades. He has commissioned us, His disciples, to spread the wonderful good news around the world to every nation and people group. He has bestowed on us and in us “power and authority in heaven and earth” to accomplish all He has commanded us to do.

Pray that the Father will increase the awareness of all of these truths to His intercessors, senders, harvesters, and the people He is calling to Himself from among the Japanese.-RR

Japanese in Tokyo, Japan

by WK

This could be a scene from the future: It’s the year 2020, and Tokyo is hosting the summer Olympics! People are lining up at the Olympic stadium to buy tickets for the next sporting event. A Japanese man in his late 20s passes out literature about Jesus and begins to speak to the people. “I used to live near Fukushima. In 2011 the earthquake and tsunami killed most of my family.”‘ He saw that many people standing in the ticket line now had their attention fixed upon him, so he continued. “After the disaster I found no peace praying to Buddha. Then the American Christians helped me rebuild my house and told me about Jesus Christ. When I prayed to Jesus I found the courage to go on with my life.”
It is believed that many people in Japan came to trust Jesus after the earthquake/tsunami disaster in 2011. Many of these new believers are now developing strong ties of fellowship in new churches in order to grow in Christ and share the message of salvation. They also are learning to be bold and are willing to try new outreach methods.

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Pray that the Christians in Japan and around the world will find creative ways to use Olympic events to spread the message of salvation throughout the country. May the Japanese come to see Jesus Christ as the only One who gives abundant life.

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