Daily Topic for April 19, 2014

John 11:25, RSV
I AM the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.

The good news may be hard to believe for people who have never heard about God coming down to earth in human form, dying on the cross for our sins and rising from dead. But there are many people in Jakarta, Indonesia, who believe in Christ and His resurrection from the dead.

Pray for these Christian people to aggressively seek out the Betawi and with much prayer show them love and concern. How will they learn about Christ if nobody tells them? Pray Jesus’ resurrection life and power will move through the Betawi people in Jakarta in such a way that they cannot deny His resurrection power.-RR

Betawi People of Jakarta

by JR

Indonesia is a country that has continued to merge old-world beliefs with today’s technology. To live in Indonesia is to constantly walk this tightrope. For the Betawi people daily life is a steady showcase of this tension, with traditional Islamic beliefs and practices such as early arranged marriage of daughters contrasting with online dating services and high tech jobs.

The Betawi people are artistic and expressive, but they are also known to be short-tempered and direct. Those living in Jakarta work as government employees, laborers, or craftsmen. Betawi youth are less inclined to follow the traditions of their parents, which leads to family tensions, seen much more in the larger, populated areas. The education level among the Betawi is low, partly due to their belief that education will make them similar to the ethnic Chinese or the colonial Dutch, both of whom they abhor. Another source of opposition to formal education comes from Muslim teachers who encourage enrollment in Islamic schools rather than the government run schools.

Islam is not only the dominant religion of the Betawi, but it is also the cultural identifier. For a person to be a true Betawi he must be a Muslim. There is also a degree of animism mixed in with their spiritual beliefs.

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Pray for a spiritual breakthrough among the Betawi people, especially in Jakarta. Pray that God would send the right people to them to demonstrate His love.

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