Daily Topic for April 17, 2014

I Thessalonians 4:16-17, RSV

When Christ returns to earth, He will come with those believers that are already dead and those believers who are alive at His coming will be caught up together to meet Him. What a wonderful future God promises to His followers. How sad that the majority of the population in Delhi are Hindus and believe in multiple gods.

Pray that God will send dedicated believers to Delhi to spread the good news that Christ died on the cross for their sins, making a way for them to obtain eternal life with a loving God.-RR

Yadav People In Delhi, India

by EJD

Since she arrived at the Delhi office at 8:30 AM, she had not had a moment’s rest! After four hours of running around, she slumped on the chair. Her eyes began to focus on the diploma that hung on the opposite wall. It seemed to rise from the clinical green walls, blurring all else, and began to narrate the story of her life.
Her father was a herdsman in a remote village in Bihar; He was just like the other Yadavs in his village. He tended to a herd of cows, and he sold the milk to make a living. However, he was unlike the others in one key aspect; he wanted his daughter to go to school, study hard, and make it.
Thus this Yadav girl from a remote village grew up to be the top student in the university which enabled her to earn a scholarship at a leading medical school in Delhi. She remembered with such crystal clarity the day she received her diploma. Her proud father cheered from his seat at the auditorium. Soon she began to work for a world-renowned hospital in Delhi.
“Dr. Yadav, your father’s on the line,” said her assistant bringing her back to the present as the framed diploma seemed to disappear into the green wall. Taking the phone off the hook, she greeted her father cheerily, “Namaste Pithaji….”

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Pray that Yadavs in metropolitan cities like Delhi will come in contact with followers of Christ who will share the gospel with them.

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