Daily Topic for April 12, 2014

1 Corinthians 15:13-14

It takes saving faith to believe that Christ rose from the dead. Though no one has ever found the tomb or the body, people put their faith in someone who rose from the dead over 2,000 years ago. But those who do have this saving faith know that it is worth far more than gold! It leads to an abundant, eternal life.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to penetrate Moroccan Arab communities in Casablanca so that many among them will have faith in the living Savior.-KC

Moroccan Arabs in Casablanca

by PD


When the name “Casablanca” is mentioned, people often recall the much-loved romantic melodrama that was filmed in 1942. This exotic portrayal of political and romantic espionage which took place in Casablanca is far from a true picture of the city. Casablanca is North Africa’s largest city with a population of five million people. The majority of the inhabitants are Arabs and Berbers. It has the largest artificial port in the world and is considered to be economically the most progressive city in Africa. There is a thriving tourist industry which adds to its affluence. But there are hundreds of thousands of people that are unemployed and living in poverty. It’s common to find huge skyscrapers, and next to them merchants in the streets selling everything from decayed fruit to magical potions to heal all types of illnesses.

The fact that Casablanca is 98 percent Sunni Muslim and has the third largest mosque in the world (the famous King Hassan II) does not make this a strict Islamic community. Youth wearing designer clothes show how liberal it is. The city faces continuing problems with crime, drug addiction, and prostitution. Sadly, a huge cathedral in the city stands empty most of the time. The majority of inhabitants do not know the power of God, His word, and His good news!

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Pray that God will open the way for Christians to lead the people of Casablanca to Him through tourism, business, and social outreaches. Pray that the Church will grow in Casablanca and be a light for all of North Africa.

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