Daily Topic for April 08, 2014

I Thessalonians 3:12-13, RSV

Did you ever notice that some Scriptures seem to be written to those He is getting ready for the second coming of Jesus with His saints? In these verses, the Lord admonishes us to increase and abound in love one to another and to all mankind as a means of establishing our hearts in holiness before God.

Pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of believers in Turkey so that they will be able to show His love to the Turkish people. Pray that the hearts of the Turkish people will be open so that they will eagerly receive the good news about Christ and His great love for them.-RR

Turks in Istanbul, Turkey

Ayşe is a divorced Istanbul socialite. She grew up in a wealthy family in Bebek, a very affluent section of Istanbul. Her life has been lived with money, possessions, and experiences. It seemed exciting when she was younger, but as time has passed, it only seems shallow and empty. She now wonders, is there any real meaning in life?

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, and it has long been defined as the city where East meets West. All of the country is represented in the 14 million people who live in Istanbul. Crumbling walls, fortresses, churches and mosques span the city, mixed with modern hotels, shopping centers, and commercial skyscrapers. The European side of the city includes ancient Constantinople and Byzantium. Two-thirds of the population live on the European side, where some of Turkey’s wealthiest powerbrokers reside near recently arrived villagers who have almost nothing. The Asian side is more residential, having been formed from many villages and small towns that eventually grew together into the large city.

As you move through the crowded streets, you shouldn’t be surprised to find scantily clad teens with pierced bodies walking near burka-clad ladies. Every resident of Istanbul must reconcile this struggle between religion and modernity. Most of the inhabitants of the city are Muslim; less than .01 percent follow Christ.

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Pray that people like Ayşe whose life is focused on materialism, will find true hope and meaning in the real, living God (from a guest writer).

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