Daily Topic for March 27, 2014

Exodus 22: 21
Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the children of Israel were allowed to suffer for so long in Egypt was that they were able to learn what it is like to be oppressed, and not wish the same on others. It was clear that their God wanted them to show justice to aliens when they became a nation, to show the world what could happen when people follow the One True God.

Pray for a new day to soon come to Russia where the unreached people groups in their midst are treated with justice and mercy. Then these nations may see the transformation that comes from the Lord.

Digor People

by PLS

“I am Digor and I am Muslim. I am also Ossetian and I am also Russian.” The Digor middle-aged man was reflecting on the many layers of his identity. More than 100,000 Digor people live in southern Russia, mostly in the mountainous northwest section of the province of North Ossetia. The Digor have many layers of language.

A high percentage of Digor Ossetians have been Muslim since the 17th Century. Most other Ossetians identify themselves as being Russian Orthodox. Have any Muslim Digor people found their way to Jesus’ saving grace? A few have received Christ in several cities of the Digor region in northwestern Ossetia, but the barriers are great. Like other Muslims, they resist the idea of Jesus being the Savior. They see Christianity as being for someone else, not them. But here is the factor that may trump the first three: there is a deep hunger for grace.

Most helpful will be advances, both in written and audio form, of the message of the gospel in the Digor language. The Gospel of John is completed, and Matthew is half done. When the message of Jesus is in the heart Digor language, doors may begin to open to Digor hearts.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the Gospel of John in Digor to be completed in audio form. Pray for further progress to be made in Matthew and other books of the New Testament. Pray for new Digor believers to offer the grace of Jesus in Digor style to their friends and relatives.

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