Daily Topic for March 18, 2014

Exodus 36:5b
The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.

This is the kind of problem we would want to have! There was too much being brought into the Lord’s storehouse. The people of Israel were so touched by God’s deliverance that they were willing to give their all for the tabernacle. Are we willing to do the same to ensure that missionaries are fully funded to reach the unreached?

Pray that we will have generous hearts and will fund to overflowing efforts to get the gospel to the unreached Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists.

Kaitag People

by SC

“What language are you speaking?” the Dagestani spice seller asked. “We’re speaking English,” we replied. “And what is your language?” we asked. “Dargin,” he said. Conversations continued as we graciously sampled dried herbs and mountain grasses used for tea. Noting our purchase choice, he exclaimed, “Oh that grass is from my home village! I speak Dargin, but really, I am Kaitag! You will have the healthiest tea in all of Dagestan,” he boasted.

Muktar, the spice seller, then proudly escorted us to our car as his new guests. He helped load our purchases into the trunk. He wrapped his arm around our driver and in a nose-to-nose whisper said, “It’s essential that you live for God, dear brother. You must set your life apart for God.” We exchanged phone numbers and accepted his very sincere invitation to “come to my village.” We know a visit to the Kaitag people will require precision and alignment like their embroidery. It will require nuanced relationships and permission by elders to enter. There will be difficulty, but when it comes together it will be beautiful!

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Pray for God to fulfill His complete revelation to the Kaitags, most of whom are Sufi mystic Muslims, worshipping the creation but not the Creator. Pray that their spiritual zeal will lead them to Isa (Jesus) the savior of all nations. Pray for near-neighbor Dargin Christ-followers to reach out to the Kaitags with respect, wisdom, and love.

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