Daily Topic for March 17, 2014

Exodus 35:30b

There are many ways that the Holy Spirit can move in an individual. He can give anyone supernatural skills to do just about anything. In this case, He gave Bezalel the ability to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver, and bronze. The question is, will we use the gifts God gives us for His purposes, or for our own?

Pray that you will use whatever gift He has given you to serve Him, no matter what.

Tsudakar People

by PLS

Are you looking for a fur hat in an urban Russian bazaar? Ask around for the Tsudakar Dargin men, and before long you’ll have the hat you’re looking for. Throughout Russia many Tsudakar men are known as hat sellers.

The 20,000 Tsudakar people hail from eight major towns and villages in central Dagestan. Many Tsudakars speak Dargin and Russian, but their heart identity is as Tsudakar people. They speak the Tsudakar language in their home villages and when they’re working together selling hats.

They have been staunch Muslims for more than 600 years. Islam in central Dagestan is not only a religion, but it is also interwoven with the structure of society. The male council of elders in each village oversees religious behavior and communal decisions. There is great pride in Islamic identity; but when conflicts emerge, there is little tradition of grace and reconciliation.

Among the Tsudakar, one person-Sef-utdin (name changed for security reasons) has found the grace of Jesus for now and all eternity. A Russian friend was delivered from drunkenness through Jesus, and through this friend, Sef-utdin found the joy of salvation himself. Now he wears not only a beautiful Tsudakar Dargin hat, but also “the helmet of salvation.”

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Pray that the helmet of salvation will continue to adorn Sef-utdin’s life, and that the word of God will be heard by many Tsudakar hat sellers. Pray that the fruit of the Spirit will spread throughout many Tsudakar families, clans, and villages.

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