Daily Topic for February 21, 2014

Exodus 32: 7, 12b, NIV

The Lord was about to destroy His people after the golden calf incident. He tested Moses by indicating that these were Moses’ people. Moses aced the test by “reminding” the Lord that these are the Lord’s people, and the Lord’s burden. Perhaps the most common sin of believers is disobedience to His command in Psalm 55:22 to “Cast your burden on the Lord.” We’re not made to carry these burdens, He is! Do missionaries today understand this when they pour their lives into a people group?

Pray that Harvesters will never see the Supyire Senoufo people as their personal burden, but the burden of the Lord.

Supyire Senoufo People of Mali

by EJD

Dressed in traditional robe dresses and matching headgear, the women carried on the task at hand. Some peeled vegetables, while others washed and cut them. One particularly strong woman stirred the enormous pot in which the rice was cooking. “Is it ready?” she asked the women in charge of the meat. Feverishly stirring, they replied that it would be ready by the time the rice and vegetables were cooked.

The enticing smell of delicious food wafted into the large enclosure where the men congregated in eager anticipation of the meal that was being prepared. To keep their minds off the food, they talked of the weather, the price of rice, and the new rice seeds that were being sold in the market. Some young children played, while some helped their mothers. The meal was prepared, the food was served, and everyone ate with much relish.

The Supyire Senoufo people of Mali give much importance to the idea of community. The interests of the group are esteemed higher than those of the individual. Their large communal meals illustrate their worldview: “No man (or woman) stands alone. Instead, each person is thought of as part of an extended family, a member of the village, the elder or younger brother, etc.”

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Pray that many from the Supyire Senoufo communities will become followers of Jesus Christ. Pray that these community-oriented people will desire to become part of God’s worldwide community, the Church. Pray that soon the kingdom of God will extend to every Senoufo community.

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