Daily Topic for February 20, 2014

Numbers 14:20-23

Out of 600,000 men called out of slavery in Egypt, plus their women, only two made it into their Promised Land: faithful Caleb and Joshua, plus all the children under age 20. Notice that God forgave them, but there were serious consequences to their lack of faith and obedience. Like King David who later entered into an adulterous relationship and learned the hard way about the consequences of sin, the children of Israel never experienced what God intended for them.

Pray that the few believers from among the Senoufo people will be faithful and obedient, so that they can experience God’s best for them, not His second best.

Senoufo People of Mali

by EJD

In the distant horizon the sun disappeared in a blaze of colors. But N’golo continued to work. Every other farmer had left nearly an hour ago. But N’golo wanted to capitalize on every last minute of daylight. He continued to separate the saplings and plant them until the orange sky morphed into a dull gray, and stars began to appear. Forced by the gathering gloom of night, N’golo abandoned his work for the day. The men at their communal meal hailed him to join them. Promising to return once he had washed himself, he made his way home. As he walked away, he overheard them say, “One day soon he will be a sambali.”

Most of the Senoufo of Mali are farmers. They have gained the reputation of being skilled agriculturists. Every hardworking Senoufo male aspires to attain the ultimate honor of becoming a sambali. A sambali means a “champion cultivator.” Once a Senoufo male receives that distinction, he is respected till his dying day, not only by his community, but also by the neighboring villages and settlements.

About a quarter of the Senoufo are Muslim, while the rest practice traditional ethnic religions.

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Pray for Christian materials to become available to Senoufo communities so entire villages will become followers of Christ. Pray for hungry hearts and open spiritual eyes when the Senoufo people are confronted by the claims of Christ.

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