Daily Topic for February 19, 2014

Exodus 32:7-8, 27-28, 35, Message

Moses told the Levites to strap on swords and kill those guilty of this gross idolatry. Then God sent a plague. It’s way too easy for people who have just started to worship the Lord to go back to their old ways and turn their backs on the grace given to them by the Living God. The results can be tragic. Those who consider themselves to be followers of the Lord can offer such a sad testimony of His transformation that others from their people group don’t want anything to do with the Lord.

Pray for new believers among the Pulaar Tukulor people to be faithful to His ways.

Pulaar Tukulor People

by JS

Yesterday we read about the easy-going Jola people who treat one another as equals. That is not the case with the Pulaar Tukulor people living in Senegal and Mauritania. Traditional Tukulor society is divided into four main social classes, each having 12 castes. Their social lives are a mixture of native customs and Islamic traditions. They proudly claim to be the first black Africans that converted to Islam in the 11th century. However, Islam has not brought major changes to Tukulor attitudes toward spiritism and magic. The people still use charms, amulets, and witchcraft.

Most Tukulor people live in rural areas where they farm, fish, and raise livestock; but today large numbers of youth are also moving to cities in search of better jobs. As is the case with many people groups, if key Tukulor leaders embraced the Savior, it would greatly advance the spread of the gospel. Since most Tukulor are illiterate, they would greatly benefit from oral and visual messages, as well as story-telling gospel materials. Global recordings, the JESUS Film, audio recordings of the New Testament, and the film, God’s Story, are available in the Pulaar language.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Ask God to grant wisdom and favor to mission agencies focusing on the Tukulor. Pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint the gospel as it goes forth via radio and other oral means to the Tukulor. Ask God to save key Tukulor leaders who will share the love of Jesus with their own people.

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