Daily Topic for February 16, 2014

Exodus 13:21

God the Father provided a way for His children to travel through the hot desert at any time of the day or night! If other people tried this, they would probably die of heat stroke or thirst. God provided a way that could not be explained through natural circumstances as a testimony to the nations they would soon encounter.

Pray that as God reveals Himself to the Tamasheq people, they will experience Him in ways that eliminate any need for false gods that they can see and touch.

Tamasheq People

by JWS

If you lived in northwestern Africa several centuries ago, you would spend twice as much for a pound of salt as you would for a pound of gold! Back then the nomadic Tamasheq people traded with caravans from Arabia and the Far East; they exchanged camels, gold, ivory, salt, and other goods, according to www.exploretimbuktu.com and www.joshuaproject.net. They were known as skillful and successful traders.

Today, some Tamasheq (aka Tuareg) people still maintain a nomadic lifestyle, living in lightweight tents made of animal skins. They are herdsmen, and their diet is mainly milk, grains, dates, and meat. In contrast to their Arab neighbors, the men wear veils, but the women do not. Harsh desert living conditions have driven many of the young people into the cities to find blue-collar jobs.

The Tamasheq people are virtually all Sunni Muslims, but they are considered to be lukewarm in their faith. Many do not even observe the annual Ramadan fast. The JESUS Film and portions of the Bible are available in their language, Tamasheq. They have a unique alphabet.

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Pray for a complete Bible translation in their language. Pray that the Lord will save many leaders through visions and dreams, and that they will boldly witness to their tribes and clans. Pray that the Tamasheq people will discover God’s Word is true, and even more precious than gold or salt.

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