Daily Topic for February 15, 2014

Exodus 10:1, RSV

God has placed us all into a very dangerous world. Yet He is in charge, and He can direct events in such a way that they will bring redemption and correction. Tragedy and calamity can bring about spiritual growth in Christians.

Pray that the harvesters God is sending to the Lebu Wolof people will be fully aware of the redemption opportunities opened up by all the pressures and dangers facing the still-unreached Wolof peoples.

Lebu Wolof People

by LR


Keba sat in the Dakar market with a djembe drum between his knees. As the young man’s rhythm picked up, so did the sound of other drums from within the circle of musicians. One man sang a line and the others echoed, while tourists snapped photos. Keba thought, “This is not a bad living compared with catching fish like most other people I know.”

Most of the Lebu Wolof people either live in small fishing villages on the coast of West Africa or are landowners in Dakar, Senegal’s capital city. Many of them work in Senegal’s thriving tourist industry. The Lebu Wolofs have held legal autonomy as a theocratic republic since 1815. Now their numbers are less than 150,000 in Senegal, Mauritania, and The Gambia. Other Wolof people groups are much larger.

The Lebu are staunchly aligned with the Layenne Muslim brotherhood. They think that their ancestors are descendants of Pharoah’s court magicians, and they still interact with a supernatural world. This folk Islamic sect also believes Mohammed and Jesus reincarnated as their religious leaders 100 years ago. The Lebu Wolofs will say they know Jesus, but only a handful of them have come to know the real Jesus. Ministry resources abound including the JESUS Film and translated Scriptures. There are a few churches, but the Lebu rarely turn from Islam.

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Pray that the Lebu Wolof people will summon the courage to seek Christ despite the spiritual imperialism of Islam.

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