Daily Topic for February 13, 2014

Exodus 7:4, Message
Pharaoh is not going to listen to you, but I will have my way against Egypt and bring out My soldiers, My people the Israelites, from Egypt by mighty acts of judgment.

When God saw that His people were toughened up by all those years of hard labor, he told Moses that it was time to move forward. As you pray for the harvesters that God will send to the Berabish, keep in mind their role as missionaries. Every person they disciple is being brought out of slavery (to the world, his flesh, and the devil) into a spiritual war.

Pray that God the Holy Spirit and His warrior angels surrounding them will protect the new Christians and lead them to victory.

Berabish Bedouins

by CL


In some languages the word “Timbuktu” means “far away place.” When we hear it, we tend to think of just that-a very remote village in the middle of the Sahara Desert where salt was traded in ancient times. We also think of camels and men in turbans and long, flowing kaftans.

While these may be stereotypical images, the Berabish people actually live this way in modern times.

The Berabish are Bedouin nomads who continue to pitch their animal-skin tents in and around Timbuktu, Mali, to this day. They raise camels and goats, and are still occupied with the practice of transporting and trading salt.

Because of their location and lifestyle, especially their constant movements through the desert, the Berabish have been extremely difficult to reach with the gospel. There are no known followers of Christ among them. The Bible has not been translated into their Hassaniya language, but audio Bible stories and the JESUS Film are available to them.

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Pray for the Berabish to hear about God’s love for them. Pray for them to have the opportunity to see the JESUS Film. Pray that believers will go to them as salt and light and that many of them will respond by putting their faith in Christ.

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