Daily Topic for January 23, 2014

Genesis 18:24-25
Then Abraham approached Him and said, "Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are 50 righteous people in the city?"

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this passage is not Abraham’s boldness to ask such confrontational questions of God, but God’s positive response to these questions. God literally says, “I cannot hide from Abraham what I am going to do” (Genesis 18:17), and then allows His friend to question Him on His actions. The precedent God is establishing here is clear. The Abrahamic Covenant of blessing involves prophetic intercession for nations like the Argobba. God reveals to His people what He is going to do in the world and invites us to participate in His actions as priestly intercessors.

Pray that every believer might discover the power and joy of frontier mission intercession.

Argobba of Ethiopia

by PE

Kikoi danced in her flowing kimono-like robe with a bright pink sash. The traditional dance group that joined her moved together in slow, graceful, and sweeping motions much like a Hawaiian dance. The stringed music was also very reminiscent of Hawaiian music except for the almost country-western beat. When the dance was complete, she rushed to change into her striped T-shirt. Because her community follows the tenets of Islam, she also donned a bright red headscarf. Traditional beaded jewelry that looks like Native American bead ware draped her neck and wrists. Now she was ready to walk home.

Kikoi enjoys her work of selling groundnuts. Like many members of the Argobba tribe, Kikoi is a shrewd merchant. The incursion of other languages and the practice of stealing lands have suppressed the Argobba to the point of nearly total assimilation. Out of the total population of 174,000 Argobba, only about 10,000 remain who speak their original language. Since the literacy rate is low, all the Christian resources available in the surrounding languages don’t help the single-language Argobba, and there are no Christian resources for them in their own language.

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Pray for the light of the gospel to penetrate the hearts of the Argobba in Ethiopia. Pray that bilingual Argobbas will learn about the God who loves them and sent His Son to save them for eternity. Pray that they will tell their own people about Jesus, and many Argobba will become part of the kingdom of God.

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