Daily Topic for January 09, 2014

Genesis 3:9
But the Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?"

The first recorded question we have from God in Scripture is profound in many ways. God knows the answer to the question. But the reason He asks it is for us to give an honest answer, or if we give a dishonest answer-for us to realize where we are. Taking the gospel to people groups like the Naras requires the same perspective. Before lost nations can be redeemed, just as with lost individuals, they must understand where they are and how they got there. You have to get a person to understand that they are lost (that is to recognize the reality), before you can get him saved. Pray that many from the Nialetic Nara people might understand that they are lost, and that they must rely on God alone to have their sins forgiven.

Nialetic Nara People in Eritrea

by RR

Yesterday you imagined the joys of meeting in heaven the Hedareb Beja people. Today as you pray for the Nara people in Eritrea, know that God is connecting you with them for all of eternity in ways that are even closer than family ties here on earth. As your prayers result in Naras coming to Him, they are your brothers and sisters forever. They are part of the Kingdom of God, partly because of your prayers for them.

As a faithfully consistent intercessor for the remaining unreached peoples, you are not only hastening the Lord’s return per Matthew 24:14, you are securing a major piece of the action begun when Jesus paid full price for them on His cross. Millions will be praising Him and thanking you down through the ages to come! So today pray with us for the following requests from the Joshua Project (joshuaproject.net)

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for wisdom and favor to the one mission agency that is focusing on the Nara people. Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the Nara so they will be receptive to the good news. Pray for faithful prayer teams who will begin breaking up the spiritual soil of Eritrea through worship and intercession. Pray for Him to make available the JESUS Film and audio format messages in their primary language. Pray for confirmation from the Lord that your prayers are heard and you will see all these people in glory.

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