Daily Topic for December 28, 2013

Revelation 20:10
And the devil who deceived them, was thrown in the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown.

The primary tool of Satan is deception. Satan can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do. The battle he engages in is a battle of the mind. There is only one antidote for this weapon, and that is the truth found in the person of Jesus Christ. All truth proceeds from this one source and builds on this one foundation, for God alone is the only infinite, omnipotent being in the universe. Without Him there can be no standard for truth. That is why He alone is our salvation. He is the only person who can rescue us from enslaving lies.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower the Church to take His truth to every nation, tribe, people, and language.?

Orthodox Jews (Haredim) in Israel

by JS

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). This scripture could well be a prophecy for Israel if the ultra-Orthodox Jews and the government cannot find some agreement and compromise. Many Israelis are tired of the ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) not serving in the military, often not working, and taking tremendous amounts of welfare due to unemployment and high birthrates. In their communities, the women work far more than men, who often receive government subsidies to study in Yeshiva (religious Talmud study) all day.

Military draft exemption began in 1948 when the state of Israel was created, and 400 students were pardoned from military service. That number has now grown to over 60,000. In July the cabinet approved a draft law to abolish wholesale exemption from military service granted to Jewish seminary students. Most Israeli men and women, beginning at age 18, serve for three years in the military. In addition, the treasury plans to halve the budgets of public schools that do not administer Israeli state tests-that is, don’t teach math, science, literature or history-as is the case with Haredim public schools. The result has been that the Haredim are ill-prepared for the work force.

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Pray that the Haredim community will have an awareness of their need to put into practice the religious principles they diligently study. Pray that they will find their spirituality wanting, so they can seek and find their Messiah.

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