Daily Topic for December 23, 2013

Revelation 15:4
Who will not fear you, O Lord, and bring glory to Your Name? For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before You.

What if the only thing we feared was God? How might our lives be different? The fear of the Lord should trump all other fears. It should also build our faith. For when we fear nothing but God, we are in a position to obey His every word. When we honor Him, He draws near. When we worship Him and stand in awe of His majesty, everything else comes into perspective. Nothing can shake us. We have complete confidence to tackle anything life may throw at us.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will drive out the fears and distractions that keep us from His perfect will. Pray for faith to go into the most difficult places with His love, compassion, authority, and justice.

Libyans in Egypt

by WK

The Libyan man and his family stood on the hot desert sand in no man’s land. Behind them was Libya, where they were unwanted. Ahead of them was Egypt, a country that didn’t want any more Libyan refugees. There were many families trapped in no man’s land since the 2011 revolution in Libya. A community was starting to form in the land that separated the two countries. Only the lucky ones had tents.

Some of these Libyan refugees had really supported Muammar Kadaffi, the ousted Libyan dictator. Others were believed to have supported Kadaffi, but really hadn’t. Many of these people had been neutral during the civil war, but if they lived in towns that had supported Kadaffi, other Libyans suspected that they were Kadaffi sympathizers. Such people couldn’t prove they were loyal to the new government. After the fighting had ended in Libya, anyone could denounce a person for being disloyal, and if you were accused, you were in danger of going to jail or even being killed by the police.

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Pray for reconciliation in Libya. Ask God to open doors for Christian relief and development workers to reach out to the people trapped in the no man’s land that separates Egypt from Libya with the message of salvation. May this people group come to see Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace and the one who could save their souls.

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