Daily Topic for December 21, 2013

Revelation 12:17
Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring.

One of the most important realities a believer can come to understand is that we have an enemy who seeks nothing else but to, “kill, steal and destroy” everything and everyone who belongs to God. We are in a battle-the last battle of a great war that is coming to an end. The final hours will be fierce and intense. Only those who stay close to Jesus, who are prayerful, watchful, and disciplined, are going to survive it. We have only one mission and that is to see the gospel fully proclaimed in every nation, tribe, people, and language.

Pray that our heavenly Father will keep us mindful of what this war is all about. May we stay alert and focused until the coming of Christ.

Fur People in Egypt

by WK

Cattle swung their tails back and forth and lowed quietly, unaware of the danger they were in on the sparse Egyptian plains. A young Fur man stood guard with a rifle, determined to stop any attempts to steal his valuable livestock. Baggara raiders would get no more of his cattle! He thought about praying to Allah, but he was too discouraged to do so. His Baggara enemies were also Muslims, but their common religion didn’t stop them from stealing cattle owned by other Muslim groups like the Fur.

The Fur people group lives in Egypt and Sudan. They come from Darfur, which literally means, “Land of the Fur.” In recent years this people group has fled from the terrible fighting in the Darfur Region of western Sudan.

The Fur peoples have adopted Islam, but they have rejected Arab customs. In Sudan they have been at war with various neighboring people groups such as the Baggara. The enemies of the Fur tend to be more Arabized than the Black African Fur peoples.

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Ask God to restore peace to the Fur homeland. Pray that God will lead more faithful workers to reach out to this people group with the message of salvation. Right now there is an open door for Christian relief and development workers to reach out to the Fur, but it is a dangerous assignment. Pray for boldness and protection for workers in Darfur.

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