Daily Topic for December 17, 2013

Revelation 11:18
The time has come for judging the dead and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence Your Name....

All of history is headed for the day when we will all stand before the Throne of Thrones. Scripture says that each of us must give an account before God. What did we do with our time, talents, and treasure when we were alive on earth? Most importantly what did we do with the Name of Jesus? Did we live to see His Name revered among all nations, or did we neglect to follow His orders during our time in this world? For those who are true followers of Christ, these questions are settled. There is only one purpose and mission in life: to see Jesus worshiped and exalted. It’s all His followers are living for.

Pray that soon the Levantine Bedouins in Jordan will hear the good news that Christ loves them, died for their sins and made a way for them to go to Heaven.

Levantine Bedouins in Jordan

by CL

Zayed turned his back and covered his eyes with an arm as the wind lifted another wave of dust from the desert floor. When the gust had passed, he continued walking, certain now that he was lost. Zayed’s father had sent him into the hills to search for sheep that were missing from the flock. His family had only come to this area a few days earlier, and he was still unfamiliar with the terrain. He was beginning to wonder more about which direction would lead him home than where the missing sheep might be.

Then he came to the top of a small hill and spotted several beit al-sha’ar- black goat-hair tents. He could tell by the pickup truck sitting next to the tents that they did not belong to his qawm (clan). He had no idea who might live in the tents, but he did know they were Bedouins. And like all Bedouins throughout Jordan, they would not turn him away.

Although many Bedouins have settled down to farm, some continue to herd their animals across the desert in search of food and water. They are known for their hospitality, as well as devotion to Islam. Few if any follow Christ.

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Pray for the Levantine Bedouins to have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to send workers who can share the gospel with them in ways that they can respond to and understand.

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