Daily Topic for December 08, 2013

Revelation 5:9
With Your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language, people and nation.

“Bringing Christ the rewards of His suffering.” This was the motto of the mission-minded Moravian church in the 18th and 19th centuries. When we take up the cross to follow Jesus, we are taking up its mandate which calls for sacrifice in order to reach every remaining unreached people group. When Jesus took up His cross, this was the joy set before Him. He knew that one day the redeemed from the ends of the earth would be gathered into the Kingdom of God for eternity. This passion should be our passion, and it should bring us to our knees in intercession and to our feet for action. One day soon our savior will receive the rewards of His suffering from every nation under heaven.

Pray for that day to come soon!

Palestinian Arabs in Syria

by KC

Imagine yourself as a refugee being welcomed by one country when others have rejected you. Decades later you are still welcome. Unlike other nations in the region, this country allows you to work and gain citizenship. Wouldn’t you be loyal to the existing government? One 40-year-old Palestinian refugee in Syria told a New York Times reporter, “If [Syrian President] Assad is gone, no Arab or foreign state will host us.”

Other Palestinian Arabs, especially younger ones who don’t remember the Assad family’s welcome when they left Israel in 1948, are not as loyal to Syria’s Assad regime. One 23-year-old Palestinian told the New York Times, “Day by day, Palestinians began to see and hear by their eyes and ears what the Assad regime does, and this pushed us slowly to want change.”

Palestinians are involved in the fighting, and many have died, mostly for the Assad government. About one-tenth of the 500,000 Palestinians in Syria have fled to neighboring countries.

With three percent of the population Christian, the Palestinians are only marginally unreached. However, their churches are mainly traditional, though there are some Evangelicals among them. In Syria, 97 percent of the Palestinians are Muslim, according to the Joshua Project web site.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the traditional Muslim culture of the Palestinians will soften, creating open doors for the gospel. Pray for strong Bible-believing churches among Palestinian Arabs in Syria that will be salt and light to the Muslim majority.

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