Daily Topic for October 31, 2013

Philippians 4:15
Not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only.

The terms the apostle uses here-giving and receiving-designate the debit and credit columns used in a bookkeeping journal. The Philippian church had established an account for Paul in which they both invested funds and made withdrawals. Can you imagine their joy both in providing resources for Paul’s ministry and in receiving the reports of what had been accomplished through their investment? What accounts have you opened for giving and receiving?

Pray that God will show you and your church new opportunities for investing in His work and receiving in the realm of eternal affairs.

Natanzi People of Iran

by TP

There he was, Morteza Saffari Natanzi, with stubble beard, wire-framed glasses, striped shirt, and sport coat. The Iranian ambassador was in a black and white photograph in “Catalan International Review’s” featured interview by Marc Gafarot. The Iranian ambassador deftly deflected criticism of his country, blaming the E.U., the U.S., and Israel for his nation’s woes and questionable reputation. ??

His surname, “Natanzi” is that of today’s unreached people group, and he may be a member of that Shi’ite Muslim group. The Natanzi language group is not mentioned in either Operation World or Weeke’s Muslim Peoples. They number an estimated 7,000 persons. They live in Isfahan Province, central Iran, according to SIL’s Ethnologue. According to Global Recordings Network (GRN), there are no Bible recordings in their language. GRN is seeking volunteer native translators and information concerning this language group so that some Bible resources may be made available to the Natanzis.

While the Natanzis are unreached and the data concerning them is minimal, we know that these Shi’ite Muslims have never heard about Christ who can lead them to an abundant eternal life. They put their faith in their works, which will fail them when they stand before the throne of God.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for God to send Bible translators and gospel recording technicians to the Natanzi people. Pray that God will send dreams and visions that will open Natanzi hearts to the only Savior. Pray that Iranian believers will seek to win the Natanzis to Christ.

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