Daily Topic for October 27, 2013

2 Timothy 2:3
Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

Enduring hardships-this is not what we want to do. Our flesh cries out for deliverance. But how do we minister to those who are enduring hardships if we ourselves are not willing to share in them?

Pray that those who minister to those who are suffering like the Pahlavani people will endure their hardships with joy, as good soldiers of the cross.

Pahlavani People of Afghanistan

by PD

“Everything is gone! I’ve lost my home, crops, livestock, everything! We could do nothing; the flood was too strong for us. We had a drought for many years, and I could hardly feed my family. I have six children, and they are all sick. Now this! Why is Allah so mad at us to make us suffer like this?”

Hossein, a Pahlavani farmer, was frantic as he talked through a translator to an Afghan soldier who had come to help the people of his village of Haji Hamza in Afghanistan.

The Pahlavani-speaking people of Afghanistan only number about 3,300. They struggle to make a living mainly through farming. Natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and earthquakes have recently devastated the southwestern Afghan province of Nimruz where their village is located. Only a tiny number of Pahlavani have received any form of education, leaving the majority illiterate.

These people have no Christ-centered resources-no audio or printed Bibles, and no radio broadcasts or JESUS Films. There are no evangelists. As Shi’ite Muslims, they view God as a distant Creator who is impersonal and separated from them. They do not have the comfort of receiving His love and caring because they have no knowledge of Him through His Word. Added to this are the extreme problems of the language, religious, and political barriers.

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Pray that Christ will reveal Himself to the Pahlavani people by sending believers to tell them about the good news that Christ died for their sins.

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