Daily Topic for October 20, 2013

Galatians 4:7,8
So you are no longer a slave, but a son. Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods.

Those who are in bondage to drugs, prostitution, or any other sin are indeed slaves to sin. But as Jaleh learned, she did not have to be bound as a slave-she could be a daughter of the King! What a joy it is for people to give up their position as a slave to become part of the royal family!

Pray that women in Iran will hear and respond to the One who offers them to become part of His family. Pray that Iranian women who know the King will walk as princesses instead of as slaves, and that their new status will draw others to Him as well.

Temporary Marriage in Iran

“I was a prostitute, but Jesus told me I belong to Him forever.” Jaleh’s story was not an unusual one in Iran. Repeatedly sexually abused by her father and other relatives, she was driven to the streets as a prostitute. Someone reached out to Jaleh and led her to Christ. Attending a Christian conference for women, Jaleh still was bearing the shame of her past and yearned to fully serve her Savior Jesus. After repeated prayers by her leader, Jaleh did speak out to the ladies telling them of her experience and how Jesus told her, “Were you about to give up? Did you know that I am your friend? I love you! You are mine!”

Women feel devalued in Iran’s culture. A man can have four wives and as many temporary ones, sigheh wives, as he wants-whether for an hour or for years as long as they agree on a price. In other cultures this is called prostitution. In 1990, this practice of sigheh was even encouraged by then President Hashem Rafsanjani as a way of providing support for war widows and sexual release for young people who could not afford to marry permanently.

Silence about sigheh is not an option for the growing house church movement where many members are women. As the church grows in Iran, the sin of sigheh is being purged.

Pray for the legal position of women in Iran to improve. Pray for Iranian Muslims to understand and embrace the dignity and worth that Jesus Christ gives women.-JS

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