Daily Topic for October 17, 2013

1 Timothy 2:3-4
This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Throughout human history, people have tried to approach God and the spiritual realm in various ways. Each tries to figure out what they consider to be truth. However, without hearing about the real Truth, Jesus Christ, they can only find emptiness. Sometimes they are very far from the truth, and others, like the Zoroastrians we are praying for today, have found some important spiritual truths. Did you know that the Zoroastrians were among the first of the organized religions to worship one God, a God of goodness? Today there are very few Zoroastrians left. Through the centuries they have worshipped a God of goodness, but they have never known Him.

Pray for the Zoroastrians to seek and find Christ so they can know Him.

Dari Gobri People

by LR

“Ahhhh!” The moans of his sick wife haunted the shepherd who twisted his beard hairs nervously. No health facility was anywhere near his village. He had already watched three children die. The moans burst from his memory and exploded out of his mouth. He could not watch his wife die too! “Oh, Ahura Mazda. I know I will see my dead family again at the resurrection, but please spare my bride today. Hurry and send our savior!”

The Dari Gobri of Iran have been Zoroastrians for many centuries. A small tribe of only about 14,000 people, they represent most of Iran’s Zoroastrians. In a country filled almost entirely with Shi’ite Muslims, they are an oppressed minority. They believe in a good creator god, Ahura Mazda, and an evil god named Agra Mainyu. They believe that at the final days a savior figure will come and restore the earth, bringing people out of hell to unite with Ahura Mazda.

Little is known about the Dari Gobri people except that they are shepherds in a desolate land. Their typical life span is short as they are without health services; their children are often discouraged from going to school. They have no JESUS Film or any Bible translation. There are no believers among them, and there is no focused outreach to them.

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Pray that believers’ hearts are moved to reach out to the Dari Gobri. Pray that the Dari Gobri people will immediately recognize Christ as their promised savior when they are told about Him

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