Daily Topic for October 16, 2013

1 Timothy 1:15
Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

Why did Jesus come? Over and over again the gospel record clearly says that Jesus came into the world with one central purpose: to minister and to give His life as a ransom for all who would accept Him. He did not come for the religious or the (self) righteous, but for those who were and are aware of their own spiritual need. The temptation for people groups like the Qizilbash is to think that because they follow rules, do rituals and carry out sacrifices, they will be saved. They are standing on a foundation of quicksand.

Pray that the Qizilbash people will recognize their error and find the One who offers a sure foundation.

Qizilbash People of Afghanistan

by LR

The little boy strained to hear and understand the serious discussion of the older Qizilbash men. They recounted their ancestors who were called the “Red Heads” because of their red hats with 12 points representing the 12 pillars of Islam. They were famous for their military feats. Contemporary Red Heads no longer typically don the red hats; but they remain militant Shi’ite Muslims. It was clear to the boy that the men were passionately committed to their secret meetings and their leader.

The Qizilbash people of Afghanistan originated as Turkish tribes that moved into Persia during a 1738 military campaign by their shah. They’ve remained an important part of Afghani society, being influential in politics and the military. Today they are also prominent in business. Although little is known about their life, they do populate the urban areas of Afghanistan. Many of the 60,000 to 200,000 Qizilbash are bilingual, speaking a tribal language and Farsi. Bible resources are available to them, including a complete translation of the Bible, as well as the JESUS Film. They were “adopted” for prayer by a group of believers, but they have yet to be contacted by Christ’s followers. None of them are believers so far as we know.

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Pray that He will reveal to them the truth about who He is and how He has provided the ultimate protection through Jesus.

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