Daily Topic for October 14, 2013

Matthew 5:6
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

It takes tremendous dedication and faith for a Muslim to go on the Hajj. One must be willing to spend a lot of time, money, and emotional energy to do what they are doing. The problem is that their dedication and their faith are misplaced. Instead of being dedicated and faithful to the Living Savior, they are putting their hope and faith in rituals and pilgrimages. Yet many among them are true seekers of truth and righteousness. They must be told about Jesus Christ and how He can wash away their sins. Then, perhaps, they can find the true and living God during the Hajj. Let’s pray that they do!

Pray that they will be satisfied by the person of Jesus Christ, the only One who can purify them from sin. Pray that they will not be satisfied with false rituals and religion.

Pray for Muslims on the Hajj Continued (second day)

Today is the most important day of the Hajj. Muslim scholars say this is the day the religion of Islam was perfected. The Hajj only becomes valid when the day of Arafat is observed. For Muslims it is on this day where they believe their major and minor sins are forgiven. If they miss this day they have missed the whole Hajj. Today, they will invoke Allah for mercy and forgiveness as they stand or sit near Mount Arafat all day.

Muslims believe that as they finish this day they are cleansed of sin, which also brings freedom from shame. At sunset a cannon sounds, and pilgrims leave Mount Arafat. They will go to Muzdalifah, where they sleep or stay up all night under the stars, picking up stones as they go.

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Pray that as Muslims complete this day, they would continue longing for the cleansing that they can only receive through Christ. Let them ask the Father to show them how to make this cleansing a reality in their lives. Everyone who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ receives forgiveness of sins. Pray that the truth of the Lord Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection would penetrate the hearts of longing Muslims. As many Muslims seek to stay up all night to pray, ask God to touch the hearts of those who are genuinely seeking an encounter with Him.

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