Daily Topic for October 07, 2013

Matthew 7:13,14
Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

One of the fatal decisions that Muslims make is to assume that if their good deeds outweigh their bad ones, than they will be saved. The problem is that the Lord’s standard is absolute perfection, something that He alone can offer. The narrow gate means to depend solely on Him to get you to heaven, and the wide gate means to depend on your good deeds or anything else.

Pray that the Muslim Gilaki people will seek and find the narrow gate. Pray that this will be the time when many from the Gilaki group will enter the narrow gate.

Gilaki People of Iran

by CL

The Iranian man turned the silk over and over in his hands. “It is very fine,” he muttered, “very fine.” “Of course it is fine,” the salesman at the booth said with a smile. He then looked to his son. “Tell him, Atash.” “We are the Gilakis, and we make the finest silk in the world,” the boy said proudly. The Iranian replied, “I have long heard about the quality of your silk. Now I see with my own eyes. Please write a sales ticket, and start an account for me. Write down your address so that I can find you again when I return to Gilan Province on business.” The salesman’s smile disappeared. “Cash deals only,” he said gruffly. “And no credit accounts.” The buyer sighed, and consented. They reached a deal.

The Gilaki people are farmers who grow rice, tea, tobacco, and raise silkworms. They are known for producing fine silk, glass, and soap.

However, many of the Gilaki people are illiterate. They do not have a written language. Educated Gilaki speak and write Farsi.

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Pray for translators to develop a written form of Gilaki and for the Bible to be translated into this language. Pray for the good news to reach the Gilaki people through radio, audio Bibles, and the JESUS Film. Ask the Lord to move powerfully in drawing the members of this unreached people group into relationship with Him through His Son.

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