Daily Topic for October 01, 2013

Philippians 1:3-5
I thank my God—because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

Even on what she expected to be a short-term mission, Jane needed many people to partner with her ministry. There had to be people to fund her work, as well as those who would pray for her. Just like the Apostle Paul, missionaries need others to partner with them. When you partner with a missionary through prayer and finances, you become part of a team that the Lord uses to reach a particular people group.

Pray that we will feel honored as we partner with missionaries in today’s world. Pray that instead of being concerned about our finances, we will walk in faith when the Lord calls us to faithfully fund mission efforts.

Biography, Jane Doolittle

by AL

Shortly after graduation from Wells College in 1921, Jane Doolittle arrived in Tehran, alone and uncertain. Jane had come to Tehran to take the place of another young woman who had expected to teach biology in a mission school. She felt sure that this would only be a “short term” assignment. She had signed the pledge at the Student Volunteer Conference in Des Moines, stating she purposed to become a foreign missionary. But it was Africa where she hoped to serve, and as a doctor. She had no plans to work as a schoolteacher in Tehran! Little did she realize that she would spend most of the next 58 years in Persia, now called Iran.

Within days of arriving in Tehran, Miss Doolittle faced her first class. She realized immediately that her students understood very little English, and she would have to make adjustments in her teaching.

Toward the end of Jane’s three-year term of service, she became ill and was advised to return home in 1924. In New York she made the rounds to various specialists. She told them of her digestive problems. But what caused her the greatest discomfort were the severe back pains caused, the doctors said, by a “slipped disc.” They recommended orthopedic surgery. Jane had not given up her dreams of becoming a medical doctor, but now she had to face the fact that she simply did not have the energy that would be demanded of a doctor.

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Pray for flexibility for today’s missionaries.

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