Daily Topic for September 04, 2013

2 Corinthians 3:6
He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant-not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

The most striking contrast between the basis of faith in Christ and faith in the teachings of Mohammed is the difference between the letter of the law verses the love of God and Christ’s forgiveness of sin. As this verse tells us, the former kills, while the latter gives life. As it stands, Operation World tells us that only about 3,000 Azerbaijanis know Christ and His love and forgiveness. The rest are devoted to the letter of the law, an unforgiving, unloving god. Who will tell them?

Pray for the Northern Azerbaijanis to find and embrace the ways of the Holy Spirit, the love of God and His forgiveness of sin so that they can be released from the law of death.

Northern Azeri People in Azerbaijan

by JR

Across Azerbaijan and among its mosques is an important phenomenon: oil wells! Azerbaijan in recent times has become known as one of the most oil and natural gas-rich nations in the region. In 1994, its leaders signed a 30-year contract with several oil companies. It is not coincidental that the name Azerbaijan means, “the place of the holy fire.”

While Azerbaijanis form a single ethnic group, their culture has been separated mostly between those who were influenced by the Soviets and those who were more influenced by the Iranians. There are definite cultural and lifestyle differences between the Northern and Southern Azerbaijani groups.

Because of the Russian takeover of their country in the early 20th century, many Northern Azerbaijanis moved away from their rural homes into the cities to pursue oil-related work. Most of these jobs were very low paying. For many, this condition remains as it was then.

Azerbaijanis have a very strong desire to maintain their culture, so they primarily marry only within their own families. Most desirable is a union of first cousins. Polygamy is only practiced when there is infertility. Another part of this culture is Shi’ite Islam.

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Pray that the Northern Azerbaijanis will not be deceived into believing that to follow Christ one must violate their culture or heritage. Pray that they will feel and see the emptiness of Islam and turn to Jesus to fill the void.

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