Daily Topic for August 26, 2013

Romans 8:5
Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.

Our world abounds in things of the flesh that compete with the things of the Spirit for our attention. Television, magazines, and the Internet-not inherently bad in themselves-often contain material which takes our minds away from the Spirit and onto the things of the flesh. One major reason for this devotional is to help us to set our minds on the things of the Lord. We read daily of God’s concern for unreached nations, what He has done in the past for them, what He is doing now, and what still needs to be done to disciple them.

Ask God to help you keep your mind on the things of the Spirit today-including prayer for Faqirs and other unreached peoples!

Faqir (Muslim magicians) in Haryana

by JR

What is in a name? So often in the West we give our children a name simply because it sounds nice, it’s popular in the broader culture, or we name a child after someone we know and admire.

In the East, specifically in India, a name carries much more than a sound. It has a meaning. For example, to be known as a “Faqir” is to be known for being poor. This is a name and a condition that its bearers are well aware of. Faqir is also a popularly known caste of Muslim magicians. This can quite often be a strike against them, as they are despised and discriminated against because they practice magic.

Another strike against this group is that they have never had an opportunity to place their faith in Christ and His finished work. There are no known believers among this population. The Faqirs are Muslim; they have blended in many Hindu beliefs, making it a significant challenge for those who would bring the gospel of Jesus to them.

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Pray that their poverty, both physical and spiritual, would cease to define the Faqir people. Pray that God will give them a heart that will strive for physical and spiritual improvement so that they will be open to embracing the Word of God. Pray that the church will take seriously the needs of the Faqirs in India by committing themselves to impacting them with the gospel.

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