Daily Topic for August 22, 2013

Romans 5:11
Not only is this so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.

The wonderful news is that He has made provision to reconcile us to Himself through the blood of Christ. Peoples all over the world are not only un-reconciled with their Creator, but also with other communities and people. It takes an understanding of our sin and our need for reconciliation with our Creator before we can understand our part in creating conflict with our neighbors.

Pray that the Rayeen people will soon understand that they are sinners in need of salvation given to them by faith in Christ. Pray that an appreciation of this will lead them to the God who loves them, and reconciliation with other communities.

Rayeen (Arain) People in Haryana

by KC

“Wheeee!” Supa squeeled as his grandfather lifted him high. The two of them were glad to see one another whenever the younger half of the family came home from New Delhi. Supa enjoyed hearing Grandfather’s stories about their people, the Rayeens. They soon went into the house for another round of stories.

“Can you say, Ghaggar River?’” Grandfather asked the six-year-old. The boy struggled through it, the “g” sound got caught in his throat, and they both laughed. Grandfather continued, “That is where our ancestors first settled in Haryana. We were once part of the powerful Rajputs who protected this land from any invaders who dared to come with swords. Some of our people converted to Islam and betrayed their Hindu ancestors. We are spread out all over some of the best farmland in India. In Punjab and here in Haryana we make sure there is plenty of milk for everyone in India. Do you want a cup of milk now?” “Yes!” the boy said, and he ran into the kitchen to pour himself some milk.

The Rayeen people are part of the larger Arain community. Though most are Hindu, there is a large Muslim minority and a smaller Sikh minority. Almost none of them have found their true Savior.

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Pray for the Rayeen people, be they Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, to find out about the only One who can give them abundant life. Pray for clear radio broadcasts in Haryana that will send the message of the gospel.

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