Daily Topic for August 18, 2013

Romans 12:5
So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

One of the most exciting things happening in the world today is the partnership between the older and the younger churches in mission outreach. Older churches have known the gospel for many centuries, and have been the traditional missionary-sending churches. Though the Jat Sikhs are still an unreached people group, the gospel has penetrated many Sikh communities in the past 30 years. Today Indian mission groups like India Gospel Outreach send out turbaned Sikh background believers to share the savior with their neighbors.

Pray that these Sikh background believers will make inroads into Jat Sikh communities so that this people group can enjoy fellowship with their true Lord and Savior.

Jat Sikhs in Gurgaon City

by JS

Jat Sikhs, like their cousins Jat Hindus, have traditionally been associated with agricultural pursuits and land ownership, owning possibly as much as 95 percent of available agricultural land in Punjab. With Gurgaon City’s transformation from a small farming village into a technological hub and bustling city near Delhi, many Jat Sikhs have been able to parlay their holdings near Gurgaon City into financial windfalls. Besides being pastoralists, Jat Sikhs have also constituted an important source of recruits for the Indian Army, and they are known as particularly loyal soldiers.

Perhaps it is the warrior mentality of the Jat Sikhs that contributes to their positive and receptive ideas about a host of new things in every field. They have adopted modern technology in agriculture and households at a swift rate. They have a favorable attitude toward education, and since women have traditionally played an important part in all spheres of life, they readily send their daughters to cities for higher education. Jat Sikhs are among the young urban professionals flocking to Gurgaon City. Like many other Indian communities of good standing, the Jats have a negative view of Christianity. The only Indians they see embracing Christ come from low caste groups.

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Pray for God to provide opportunities for Jat Sikh professionals in Gurgaon City to meet and interact with believing peers who can introduce them to Jesus, the One who can provide real meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

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