Daily Topic for August 13, 2013

Romans 7: 25
I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

Here is the answer to Paul’s dilemma: Jesus the Messiah with His death, burial, and resurrection. Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to be with His followers. Paul is mentally alert to the power of a Spirit-motivated conscience (verse 25b). He can therefore serve the Lord. He himself, however, will still suffer temptation, frustration, and sometimes defeat in his spiritual life. The victory is through the Holy Spirit, even if physical death will still be his lot. But Paul had victory in His Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray that the Khumhar people will come to know that victory as they come to know Jesus and grow in His grace and love.

Kumhar (aka, Prjapti) People

by PD

Since he was a small child Raj, a Kumhar, has been collecting clay and kneading it with his feet. He learned the difficult and laborious job of turning the potter’s wheel when he was older. These wheels are made from old tires filled with cement, and they weigh about 220 pounds. The spinning is so fast that Raj is able to make two or three pots in about five minutes.

Rosa, a Salvadorian potter visiting with Raj, was amazed at the beautiful pots the Kumhar were able to make on such a crude wheel. She commented, “The pots must be perfect. When they are fired, it is not unusual for over 50 percent of them to be destroyed. Raj still piles the good ones on a cart pulled by his donkey and delivers them to stores.”

Raj told Rosa about recent changes. “It is a challenge to survive because many people don’t want the pots anymore. They buy the cheaper kitchenware made of steel and plastic. My own children are working as tailors and in rug factories.”

The Kumhar people living in Gurgaon City and other regions of India, Nepal, and Pakistan are known for their hard work, beautiful pottery, and pleasant nature. Also known as Prjapti people, they claim to be descendants from the Hindu Lord Prajapati, son of Brahma. There are only a few followers of Christ among them.

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Pray that God will soon send committed believers to effectively lead the Kumhar people to the saving grace of the Lord.

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